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HartmannRhodes | Business Broker & M&A Advisor | Morristown, NJ

Unlocking value is our business. 

HartmannRhodes helps business owners fix, grow, or sell their companies. Our clients are businesses worth $1M to $25M. 

We Are HartmannRhodes

HartmannRhodes provides mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory,  business brokering, and consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) valued between $1M and $25M. Leverage our team's prior entrepreneurial experience to maximize your business's value at the best terms.

Our Services

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HartmannRhodes collaborates with leading brokerage firms and associations, both nationally and internationally, amplifying our reach and ensuring your business sale gets the attention it deserves.

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HartmannRhodes utilizes the Value Builder System™, a proven methodology that ensures your company is positioned attractively in the market, maximizing its potential for a successful sale.

Value Builder System

The Value Builder System was created by a team of research professionals led by John Warrillow, the bestselling author of Built to Sell: Creating a Business that Can Thrive Without You. BtoB Magazine's “Who's Who” list has recognized John as one of America's most influential business-to-business marketers.


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